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Rocket 77 is a Plural Gender RnR Army of 4 that play 90's/70's influenced modern punk. Their songs have an eye towards political and social dissent with a love song or 2 thrown in for good measure. Social Distortion, Bad Religion, the Ramones, Rise Against, & Pennywise are bands that influence a Punchy & Catchy sound that is all their own.

Rocket 77 have shared the stage with an ever growing list of local and regional bands as well as national touring acts such as CKY, Bad Cop / Bad Cop, Strung Out, Candria, Sick of It All, Zodiac Panthers, Valiant Thorr, MDC, and The Toasters.  Fall 2017 had them opening a string of dates through the south with the Legendary UK band The Vibrators.


September 2017 "Basement Tapes", a 5 song EP, was released featuring the classic line up of Cris, Erik, and Mike. Released on Atomic Recordings USA, this disc features songs recorded in 1 take and mixed by Magix Mike

April 2017  "Insane Clown President", a 4 song EP, was released on Atomic Recordings USA.

Rocket 77 adhere to a strong DIY ethic. They are reliable, show up for load in when told, play their set, and clear the stage quickly so the next band can start on time.

R77 will play just about anywhere. Theater, Arena, Dive Bar, Social Club, Festival, Anti Trump Rally, Bernie Sanders event, Beach House, Back Yard, Retirement Home... you name it. We will play with just about any style band.

Our "Guarantee"

Local gigs we ask for an equitable split of the door. If there is a touring band on a local show, we donate our share to them.

Regional gig guarantee is based upon distance, travel expenses, and cover price at the door.

R77 is available for Festivals (US / Europe) , Regional, National, and European Tours.

Please contact Rocket Entertainment for more information.

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